Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Ultimate MvC3 Trailer

There's a cool new trailer at Capcom Unity's YouTube channel showing off some of the characters. Not exactly gameplay, but very nice all the same and there are plenty of gameplay vids out there anyways.

What I'm wondering is what exactly do they have in mind for these additional game modes that are supposed to be included (besides spectator mode.) The game looks amazing, no doubt, and everyone knows it will be fun. However, a lot of consumers are still wary of spending an additional $40 in the same year for an updated version of the game. Between rumors that Keiji Inafune leaving Capcom prevented Mega Man's inclusion in this game and Mortal Kombat raising the bar in regards to fighting game modes, Capcom will have to really 'Wow' people when they finally announce the new modes if they want to win back those who are feeling hurt by all this.

What do I really want? 2 or 3 player co-op arcade story mode. How awesome that would be in this game!