Thursday, September 22, 2011

Fight Night - First Impressions.

So I just got home from Capcom's fight night event. We got a free poster and T-shirt, plus Daisy and I each got our picture taken with Seth!

We'll hopefully have photos and our video coverage up tomorrow, so I'll just quickly give my first impressions. Obviously, what we were both looking forward to most was trying out Street Fighter X Tekken. We got to play a couple matches and I admit it was really fun. We cannot tell too much from the limited time we got, but the fighting system felt like it was neither Street Fighter nor Tekken. I thought the game would just be Street Fighter IV featuring Tekken characters due to the similar look, but it feels like something else altogether. The roster between the two games does seem pretty coherent and interesting. As for the new characters in Ultimate MvC3, I'm not that impressed. Again, we really need more time before we can say too much. At least I got to try out Ghost Rider, which was cool.

Now as for the event itself, it had both a lot of good and a lot of bad. This time around the line outside was not as insane and we got some items, but the previous fight nights were much more organized and people tonight were really out of control. More on that tomorrow, though.

Good night, all!