Friday, September 23, 2011

Recap - Capcom Fight Night

Scroll down if you just want to check out our photos from the fight night event!

Hello world, this is Daisy here! It's been a day since the Capcom Fight Club event and I wanted to put in my final thoughts on the entire experience.

I was very surprised that while waiting in line we saw Seth Killian. I didn't expect to see him there, especially just walking so casually along the line outside the venue. I was really excited thinking he was there because he had some announcement for any of the fighting games featured at the club. So, I personally asked if he was there to announce the new modes or anything in general about Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, but he unfortunately said no. I was disappointed but happy that he was kind enough to take a picture with me. Thanks Seth!

Inside the theater was alive with plenty of machines with the most current Capcom fighting games, including the playable demos for Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 and Street Fighter X Tekken. The main reason why we came was to try out Street Fighter x Tekken, but our major mistake was going outside on the patio where there were more machines. Why? Because we didn't realize how many people smoke. I personally hate the smell and it was horrible how many people were smoking literally right in front of me. While I was in line, people were smoking all around us and blowing their smoke into the line. That really pushes my buttons! What happened to good, common decency? Please, if you have the need to suck on a cancer stick, do it at least 20 feet away from me.

We managed to play Street Fighter x Tekken twice within about an hour. I'm not much of a fighter (I'm horrible with a fight stick) and because of the short time limit, I couldn't get a full sense of the game. The game itself oddly doesn't play like Street Fighter or Tekken but like Marvel vs. Capcom 3. The game also features EX moves from Street Fighter IV. That's all I was able to get out of my play time. I wish I had more time on it, quite honestly. Although I'm one of those people who blew up at the announcement of Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, I still wanted to at least try the new characters. No Phoneix Wright or Rocket Raccoon though, since apparently you either have to unlock them or Capcom just didn't want to show them off yet.

Another thing that was really pushing my buttons was that winner stayed and hogged the machine. In the lines that I was in, someone was on the first stick for at least 20 rounds straight. Please understand, this wasn't an arcade or a tournament. This is a free preview event. How it should work is BOTH players have their turn and get off and go back in line. It annoyed me greatly how these players were just clearly showing off and not letting others have fun with the game. I don't care who you are, give everyone a chance! It makes the most logical sense. Everyone there wants to play these games, right? So, why not be courteous and help make the line go faster by getting your butt off the machine for the next person? If this rule was applied, everyone, including myself, would've been happy to been able to play the game at least four or five times within an hour as opposed to only once. Nothing is more off-putting than a player who has nothing better to do than camp on the machine for endless rounds while ticking off the people waiting in line behind. Capcom, you need moderators!

Anyway, even after playing the new characters, I'm still not fully convinced about Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3. We then waited in another line for our free swag. All the good posters were gone but we still managed to snag the remaining few. I was happy we got a T-shirt but when I got home, I realized that the shirt size was not the same as how the bag was labeled. I requested a medium and I got extra large. Ouch, what are you trying to say Capcom?

All in all, I'm happy that Capcom puts on these free events for their fans. The games are always fun but I do wish people wouldn't sour the experience with their greedy need to take up so much time showing off. Why can't we all just be nice and get along?

PS, justice for Mega Man! Why were people not crying out with a burning vengeance like I was?

Rafael here now. I’d just like to reiterate that the event itself was great, but there was a much bigger problem regarding crowd control compared to previous events. At both the Food Fight last December and the pre-MvC3 Fight Night earlier this year, everyone attending was much more courteous. People were not trying to hold onto machines. Both players were moving on every time, since this is primarily a Preview event and not a tournament. You gotta get those crowds in check, Capcom.
Anyways, here are our photos from the event for your enjoyment. Click to see them full-size. We should hopefully have our video coverage uploaded tomorrow.