Friday, October 14, 2011

Skylanders Launch Trailer

Today we’re talking about the Skylanders launch trailer.

Now this is probably the first trailer for this game that has been at least moderately well-received by fans. As everyone knows, most fans of old-school Spyro have been very disappointed by the look of the Skylanders game. In fact, rumor has it some fans sent Activision death threats if they did not cancel this game altogether… okay, some people just need to calm down.

Of course, this game is not even targeted at those of us who loved Insomniac’s original Spyro Trilogy. This game and the accompanying toys are targeted and young kids, most of which probably do not know about Spyro’s glory days.

It is no secret that I myself am a huge fan of Insomniac and their Spyro games. My reaction when I first saw trailers for this game was, well…

Yeah, I was not pleased with the idea and Spyro’s new design. Honestly, it seems that that design is the primary thing people have a problem with. It still baffles me that they did not try to make him look more like his original design or Legend incarnation. That alone would have been enough to appease many existing fans while still appealing to their new target demographic. Personally, I was hoping post-Dawn of the Dragon that they would either expand on the Legend series or go back to something similar to the original style.

So, do I hope this game succeeds? Yes, definitely. I understand that it is important for a franchise to appeal to young children in order to survive long-term. After all, Mario has always appealed to children while still being fun for adults with some crazy difficult levels. This game does seem to be doing well with children. My hope is that Skylanders does well enough that Activisino decides to do more with the character. Seriously, if all these other series are getting HD collections, why has Sony not put the original trilogy together on a PS3 disc? More thoughts on that later, though.