Monday, October 17, 2011

Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Updates and Discussion

Today we take a look at the new Heroes and Heralds DLC, Phoenix Wright Trailer and discuss whether Capcom is trolling Mega Man fans.

There's a lot of talk regarding Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 right now so let's get started. First off, we have the trailer for the recently announced Heroes and Heralds DLC.

Heroes and Heralds will be an additional card-based mode of play. These cards will feature other characters such as Roll, Juggernaut and Nightcrawler and grant the user various boosts or powers such as speed boost, armor boost or invulnerability to projectiles. Players will go online and choose a side, either regular characters as the Heroes or silver-ized characters as Galactus' Heralds. Best of all, this will be free post-launch DLC.

This makes me wonder how similar this will be to the gem system they announced for Street Fighter X Tekken. It seems like they have a theme going here. Of course, the gems at first sound like a throwback to those from the Marvel Super Heroes game, but according to the trailer we looked at yesterday it seems like a pretty different mechanic. This card idea makes me think of the assist-only characters from Marvel vs. Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes. It actually sounds pretty interesting and if nothing else it allows more characters to at least play some role in this title.
Aside from this heralds business, Capcom has also mentioned a separate mode where you will be able to play as Galactus himself. Like Heroes & Heralds, this is just for fun in its own mode and not really considered as far as competitive balance.

Next up we have Capcom's trailer featuring Nova and Phoenix Wright.

Wow, Phoenix Wright is such a cheater. His assistant comes in to help. Just like Sabertooth when he would have Birdy come in and shoot people for him. Anyways, there is something other the actual gameplay from this trailer that have people talking. You may have noticed one of those stages seen in the trailer featured a poster with faces in the background. This is a reference to the famous comic book cover for Days of Future Past. Here they are side-by-side.

The comic in question is a story of a dark future where Wolverine is the only remaining free X-man. Hence the "Slain" or "Apprehended" labels on everyone but. The one found in the trailer is similar, but with characters from Marvel vs. Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes that are not in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3. The unlabeled character in Wolverine's place? Mega Man. Obviously, the fans are taking this as a subtle hint that Mega Man is indeed "still out there" so to speak and hoping for his appearance as DLC post-launch. Seth Killian is telling people that this is basically just Capcom trolling their fans as they knew very well that people would notice and jump to conclusions. This makes sense as Seth has admitted in the past that they like seeing their fans pick up on the smallest hints.

We have less than a month left before the November 15th launch of this game and Capcom seems to be milking the hype by announcing things a little at a time. I get the feeling that this is their way of mitigating the initial outcry against this game being announced so shortly after the release of the standard version. I would say it does seem to be working, if the comments on articles around the web are any indication. Where we once saw mostly people complaining about Capcom's franchise-milking, we now see people excited for everything that is being added to this game. It would then make sense that they are also holding back on Mega Man as a DLC character, if they are in fact planning on any other than Jill and Shuma. Or they think Zero is enough and they love abusing their fans.

So between Strider, Phoenix Wright and the other additional characters, stages, spectator mode, promises of a better online experience and the ability to play as Galactus, has Capcom won you over? If you did not buy the original, $40 is definitely worth the near-complete package (seems you would still have to pay for Jill and Shuma separately) but many of us who have already put $60 or $70 towards this title still feel slighted. They say owners of the original will receive a little something special, but my guess is that, like owners of Street Fighter IV who then purchased Super Street Fighter IV, this will be nothing more than some extra costumes, in which case you only need still have a save file anyways.

Ryota Niitsuma interview at
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