Friday, January 27, 2012

Special Download Mewtwo for Pokemon Black or White Version Coming Soon

For those who have been waiting for him.

According to and there will be an opportunity to download the all-mighty Mewtwo onto your copies of Pokemon Black or White. Apparently, he will possess the special move Electro Ball, which it cannot usually learn. I put the game down a while back, but I'll definitely bring it back out to pick this guy up. The specifics have not been announced yet, but it should be available February 12th. We will keep you posted.

I'm so glad we don't wait all day at a mall in line to get these event 'mon anymore...

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Rafael es el creador y editor de video de Es estudiante de posgrado en la universidad del estado de california, los ángeles trabajando hacia su maestría en la ciencia de computación. Le encanta leer y aprender acerca de la historia y desarrollo de videojuegos. Su sueno es ser diseñador de videojuegos.