Friday, October 19, 2012

Nintendo Wii U Chat - Can You Hear me Now?

Wii U Controller has limited chat support.

For Nintendo fans, the new Wii U Controller will have voice chat but only for restricted titles and using third-party headsets plugged into the controller. Some games have been confirmed by IGN to carry voice chat including Call of Duty: Black Ops II, Assassin's Creed III, and Mass Effect 3. Although the controller has a built-in microphone, it does not appear it can be used for in-game chat (See New Wii U Control). Using voice chat for the Wii U Pro Controller will be even more cumbersome as a missing headphone jack in the Controller forces players to insert their headphones into the GamePad and set it next to them while they play. Limited availability for voice chat is one more aggravating problem for Nintendo- lovers who wish to see Nintendo developers produce more titles on the new Wii U platform. Coming this November 18, the Wii U will be available in North American starting at $300 for the basic bundle and a deluxe edition with a copy of NintendoLand for $350.

Voice problems with the new Wii U chat feature.

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Tim Urista fue estudiante de la escuela de teología en Claremont. Es fanático de Zelda y jugador de la vieja escuela con mucho amor para la capacidad de contar cuentos en videojuegos. Como nuestro profesor compartirá sus puntos de vista hacia el mundo y la historia de los varios géneros y series de juegos. Venga a visitar The Conversation por mas.