Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Day Three Photos! - Latino Gamer @ Anime Expo 2013

Day 3 was a huge day for pictures!
Day 3 is the biggest day at the Expo. The weekend is at hand and everyone is able to arrive early and stay out late. A lot of people are only able to attend a single day, so they attend Saturday to get the most out of their visit. I spent the day mostly exploring the convention center and thus was able to get a ton of amazing photos of the Expo. The lovely cosplayers Linda Le, Jessica Nigr & Monika Lee were taking pictures and signing autographs for their fans. You can see some pictures of them all below.

It was also great fun to see some cosplayers I recognized from last year walking around. As always, some select photos are below and you can head over to our Facebook to check out the complete album, which is still being updated with 100s of photos from the Expo. Enjoy!

After the final photo post for Day 4, I will begin work some some videos and other posts regarding the Expo.