Thursday, January 2, 2014

COIN Impact: Operation Thunderhead - Kickstarter

A community-based casual game that hopes to connect gamers with charities.
Today we have a kickstarter from Matthew Armstrong and Down Range Games. COIN Impact is designed by a combat veteran and claims to be very different from any other military-themed game by focusing on cooperative play and events rather than on conflict. Also, part of the revenue generated goes to disabled veterans.

Check out their description and video below or visit their Kickstarter Page.
We've developed a brand new video game that completely redefines the industry. COIN Impact is a military-themed game designed by a combat veteran which isn't focused on violent conflicts, but rather it's centered on chance events and cooperative team play. The style is similar to established Facebook games like Mafia Wars and Castle Age, but with one very big difference .... 20% of revenue is donated to charities that benefit disabled veterans. We will then bring the story of who we help back to the players. People can enjoy the game for free, but if they choose to make in-game purchases they'll be excited knowing that a portion of that purchase will go directly to heroes who need their support. It's an entirely new approach to gaming that helps players make a real-world impact.