Thursday, November 6, 2014

Injustice: Gods among us - Interview with a Tournament Player

Tournament player Vidal shares his experience on playing Injustice: Gods among us

Injustice: Gods Among Us. A game that brings together the most iconic characters of the DC Universe for an epic reunion. Superman vs. The Joker, Green Lantern vs. Batman, the combinations are overwhelming and out of this world. Made by the creators of Mortal Kombat, this game is sure to have more than enough action for those who play it, whether as button mashers or pro players. I have played it a few times, and have found it to be reminiscent of the Dragon Ball Z Budokai games, yet with more realistic graphics, more challenging special move initiations, and a more orchestral soundtrack. I could go more into detail as to the peculiarities of this game, but in order to get more of an insider view of it, I interviewed game enthusiast and tournament player Vidal. He provided insights that could apply not only to this game, but to any game that people dedicate their precious efforts to master.

He’s gone to Resurrection 1 and 2, War Zone, Major League Gaming tournaments to compete with the best in this challenging game.

Vidal, what are your preferred characters in the game? And which one in particular is your favorite to use?

In this game, I really like Harley Quinn, Joker, Green Lantern, and Ares. Those are the ones that I like to play as. They are very different from each other. I’ve only mastered one of them, and it took me a year to do so, namely, Ares. He’s the character that I use for tournaments.

Please tell me more about Ares. I assume that because he’s “the god of war” he would be one of the best ones.

Actually, Ares is a hard character to use because he’s really slow, and his damage dealing potential, especially in his combos, is very low. The difficulty in initiating the combos is therefore difficult because of his sluggishness. Basically, the character sucks. It’s a cruel joke that they gave “the god of war” such programing, but he’s still my player of choice, the one that I mastered. I picked him up and didn’t let go of him. He’s the one I’ll choose if I’m going to have a serious fight.

I see that you like to challenge yourself by choosing a character that is difficult to use. It’s a similar case to when people choose Dan to play in Street Fighter tournaments. How is it that you came to master Ares?

There was a challenge one day. The game has different challenges. One of them was to win ten times with Ares, and in the process of accomplishing the challenge, I became hooked on that character.

What do you do to keep yourself in tip-top shape for online and in-person tournaments? How did you become skilled in the game?

I’ve always been skilled. I learned really fast. I would dedicate a lot of time to the game. I would go to sleep at 1:00 A.M. the latest, but usually I would stop at 11:00. Sometimes I would start at 4:00 P.M., so my usual gameplay would last 6 hours, including lunch breaks. It’s my primary hobby.

What are the main differences in terms of gameplay when playing the game at home as compared to playing in a tournament?

The timing is different. Different TVs and different screens have different kinds of frames. The amount of frames affect how I use my characters. When you play online, there is a delay, so you have to do the moves before you see it online.

(Vidal playing the game using his home projector)

Thank you for the interview. If people want to see your gameplay, can they find you on YouTube?

You’re welcome. Yes, of course. Your readers are welcome to subscribe to my channel. Not only do I post my online gameplay, but I also plan on making tutorials in the near future.

Thank you for reading. The following is a link to one Vidal’s videos portraying his online gameplay in his YouTube channels. Please subscribe