Friday, July 22, 2016

LA Cosplay Con - Long Beach Convention Center

Lots of awesome photos from the convention floor!
This year we added a new convention to our schedule with our first trip out to the Long Beach Convention Center for their LA Cosplay Con. This was a much smaller convention than most I've attended and only a one-day event. I admit it felt a bit underwhelming when I first arrived, but I was pleasantly surprised as the day went on. Despite the much smaller space and number of exhibitors compared to the LA Convention Center-based conventions, I found plenty to do throughout the day, including trying out some new board/card games, speaking with some of the artists and even attending a panel on cosplay photography with some big name photographers like York In A Box.

The smaller, more communal atmosphere also made it easier to stop and talk with some of the cosplayers present, some of which I'd met at other conventions. At the end of the night there was even a dance with live DJ. Overall, a great experience, especially considering the low price ($10 with discount code + wearing costume) and a great first outing to Long Beach. I'll definitely keep this convention on my radar for next year.

Check out the photos from the event below, or head over to Facebook to see the facebook album there. Enjoy!