Thursday, April 16, 2020

Healing Anime for a Wounded World - by Carlos Jimenez

Carlos shares some of his thoughts and video recommendations during the current crisis.
The quarantine has many of us feeling lonely and bored, and as our media consumption increases, we see so many news stories that cause panic as Covid-19 generates health, economic, and political problems. In times like these, it’s probably helpful if we treat ourselves to entertainment that reminds us of the brighter side of life, such as Iyashikei, or healing anime, which is designed to relax and lift the mood of the viewer. Many of the anime in this genre have a focus on nature, light humor, and the positive aspects of humanity. The following video shows the science of how this genre makes us feel better:

For our current pandemic situation, in which it almost feels like an unsettling apocalypse that not even our leaders can clearly see the end of, the following video introduces a peculiar oxymoron: a harmonious apocalypse. In it, we can see how anime and manga in the Iyashikei genre can harness a post-apocalyptic setting to produce scenes of undisturbed peace and balance between humanity and nature:

So which of these anime do you think you’ll check out during quarantine? Let us know in the comments below. At the end of the day, we at Latino Gamer wish our readers well in these tough times, and root for us all to make it through with both our physical and emotional health in good state.