Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Casting Call for an Original HBO Series - Seeking Latinos

Casting opportunity for a young Latino.

HBO is looking for a Latino under 30 to be the subject of an upcoming series. If you're a Latino in the tech community, contact Casting Producer Triana Lavey at You can read the casting call below.
Who is this for?

This is a great opportunity for a Latino/Hispanic under the age of 30 who is a contributing member of the IT Community. Small business owners(IT oriented of course), indie game studios, software developers, thriving website owners, internet tech gurus, etc. You are all welcome.

Note: Your family will be featured on the show and is a factor in the casting decision.

The Plot:

In this Docuseries(Documentary Series) one Latino multi-generational family will be featured. The younger generation will be involved in some aspect of the tech world while the older generation is completely oblivious to anything technology. For Example: Those Aunts/Uncles who need help performing a simple task such as searching the web, or Grandparents who are scared to even own a cell phone. In the midst of all the tech talk this series will highlight the events/traditions of the beautiful Latino culture.

Note: If you are not Latino/Hispanic please don't submit, although we are sorry it is not what the producers for this show are looking for at the moment.