Monday, September 23, 2013

Introducing the Gaming Archaeologist: Carlos

A brief look at's new writer.

Hey Latino Gamer fans. My name is Carlos Jiménez and I'm the new addition to the group. Thanks to my pal Rafael, I have the chance to contribute to this excellent site by giving you "a blast from the past" of the classics that marked our childhood with video game awesomeness.

I think there is something unique about 16 bit video games that keeps people coming back from more, and in my articles, I'm going to pinpoint exactly what that is in each classic game.

I also write for Geek Legacy (, a website dedicated to all things "geek", with the penname "CJ". Check out my articles when you get the chance; I appreciate feedback and welcome constructive criticism.

You can follow me @carlosjalpense

About the Author Carlos is the archaeologist of Latino Gamer, looking at the oldies but goodies and making sure that their memory remains. A Graduate student at CSULA, Carlos has a BA in English and lives in Maywood (the little city that thinks it's big). He plays guitar, writes for fun, and overall loves to look at the bigger picture of things.
Carlos es el arqueólogo de Latino Gamer. Se enfoca en los videojuegos de los tiempos viejos pero divertidos para asegurar que la memoria de los clásicos permanezca. Es estudiante de posgrado en CSULA, y tiene una licenciatura en Inglés. Vive en Maywood (la pequeña ciudad que se cree que es grande). Toca la guitarra, escribe para la diversión, y en general le encanta contemplar la vida.